Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hari mood tak bagus

Hari ni aku mood tak bagus, pasal ape? Pasal aku asyik kena hadap orang tak bagus. Urghhh, aku harap satu hari nanti kau pun akan rasa apa yang kau dah buat pada kami semua ni!!! Hari ni aku nak balik awal, nak marah ke?? Ada aku kisah??

P/S: Aku sain offer letter, dalam tu tulis waktu keja aku dari 8.30 am sampai 5.45 pm, so orang tak bagus tu, tak boleh buat kes dengan aku eh!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

P.S, I Love You The Novel

Now I want to tell about this book, P.S. I Love You. I bought it because it was the #1 international best seller. I bought this book early of this year, but only after 5 month I can read this book. Before this my sister borrowed it from me to read it first. I gave it to her because I knew she will be bored doing nothing until she got offer from university. Now she study at IIUM Foundation Center, PJ. So she returned this book to me and she said I should read this book. Okay now I want you all know what is about the P.S. I Love You actually.

Its early cover.. I didnt find the book with this cover...tsk T_T

It's the story of a Holly who is married to the love of her life Gerry, then Gerry dies from cancer and that just takes the life out of Holly. She just fades away, that is until she recieves a package with 10 letters written to her by Gerry before he died to be opened a letter a month. These letters guide her and help ease her pain for losing Gerry. That so touching and sentimentally romantic..
After I read this book about thirteen chapter, I was really enjoy it. I laughed, I smiled, I criticized, feeling sad..and some others. Truly, this book had made my emotion changing. I've really put me inside the story. I'm also thinking what if the main character was me... of course I'll cannot handle about it. Someone who really I loved most was dead and leave me with the notes that end with P.S. I Love You.. So you guys should read this book. Its language easy to understand. To whom want to improved your language skills, you can read this book...
Out with latest cover after its major motion picture .. (nanti i cerita kat you all, pasal movie dia pulak)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nombor Pendaftaran Kereta Yang Pelik

Ada siapa-siapa yang tahu tak, kenapa nombor plat ni macam ni? Pemilik dia tempah khas ke?? Kepada tuan punya kereta, minta maaf ye, saya cuma curious je dengan nombor plat ni. Saya cuma nak tahu, malu bertanya sesat jalan kan??. Hehehe =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mabuk House

Aku tengok series ni since 2008, gara2 adik member aku yang download. Lepas tu aku terus addicted dengan series ni. Boleh tergelak sampai kua air mata tengok series ni.. sekarang ni tengah nak habis kan Season 5. Baru habis download, since keje tempat baru aku dah lama xfollow citer ni. Sekarang dah ada sedikit aku nak enjoy this season tonight..marathon

P/S: Marathon termasuk Naruto Shippuuden + Bleach ^_^
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