Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The L Word in the mood..

Kalau hari tu dah mabuk House MD, sekarang mabuk lain lak... Bukan mabuk todi atau alkohol tau...^_~ Since series untuk season 6 House MD belum out lagi. I layan citer The L Word Season 4 lak. Season 1-3 dah tengok masa study kat uni dulu. Cerita ni quite best, it was about the lesbians life, their conflict between the couple,their self conflict, family.. and some more. nak tahu banyak, sila tengok sendiri citer ni.

Picked from wikipedia:

"The L Word" can also refer to love, liberal, lesbian or a variety of other words starting with the letter L.

Dalam series ni, suka tengok Marina Ferrer (Season 1, Season 4 & 6) dengan Helena Peabody (Season 2-6), both of these chicas very awesome. Gorgeous!

Karina Lombard (Role: Marina Ferrer)

Rachel Shelley (Role: Helena Peabody)

P/S: This movie had been introduced by my friends Suzenna


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