Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Run your PHP manually. How?

Ha, ini ilmu baru yang saya dapat hari ni. Tak kisah lah orang lain dah berkurun lamanya dapat ilmu ni. I don't care about them. hehehe

Question: PHP running/process by what?
Answer: CGI

If your supervisor ask you to run some particular php code manually, you can use this method. Run it using the command prompt. Seriously i never know about this before .I only know run the php in linux shell, but i don't know about running it in windows command prompt.

Ok, this is the command to run your php manually in command prompt.

1. open your command prompt

2. go to your php folder in command prompt

3. run this command: php-cgi

4. run your function manually using this command (purple font is your file path and your function to running):

php-cgi C:\xampp\htdocs\linkse\src\util.php -c make_history_net



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