Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Series of Weng a.k.a Ting Tong # 1

really high ambitions

I have series of an assignments this semester. When it comes to thing about this task, I really can't breath. This is only 2nd semester. I have 3 more semester to go. This semester become so busy and hard for me. Seriously it's been so long time i don't have enough sleep. I can't finish reading my stack of books that i've buy at last KL Book Fair. I can't watch my favorite tv drama House MD, my fav anime: Naruto and Bleach. It's being long long time I've not updating the Kisah Rumah Sewa and Kisah Dongeng Si Jaja.

I have:

1. to plant an AVL tree
2. midterm exam
3. 4 journal to review, i hate summary writing since secondary school (thats why your grammar belly tunggang langgang)
4. the Medium Access Layer problem solving (i really pray this kind of question is not in the final exam)
5. to date with Mr Huffman
6. after sending back Mr Huffman, I have to date with Mr Johnson because my buddy will off to Monte Carlo (huh, how dare you live me alone with Mr Johnson)
7. next week, my lecturer will give another group assignment (this time what kind of algo Doc?)
8. have to study for presentation; Broadcast storm issues in enterprise wide infrastructure
9. oral presentation (Mr Johnson in the morning, Broadcast storm at the evening)
10. ready for final

Note: I'm so sorry to all my friend who invited me to their wedding ceremony, I really can't make it. Even my BFF wedding I can't go...huwaaaaa, so sad. (only attend to a high profile wedding invitation, ngeh ngeh ngeh)


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