Sunday, October 31, 2010

assignment + chocolate order = not enough sleep

when we want something, we had to sacrifice another thing.

i want a good mark, so that i have to finish it and submit on time to my lecturer

chocolate order:
i've take an order from my friend. she order for her niece wedding. the wedding is on 30th Oct which is on yesterday. i also have to finish this order on time an deliver it to my friend (customer).

now at office i have an alpha testing on our new system and have to present it in front of technical person, business person, and lastly in front of client. STRESS!!!

this is 1st time i sleep in whole class session. i dont know what my lecturer think. im so sorry prof. sooo sleepy.

seriously i dont have enough sleep. my sister ask me to make a penang laksa today. and the penang laksa i only made in my dream. because today is only the day i can rest enough. to cover back the un-enough sleep on the other day. instead of laksa, i only made a pizza & baked macaroni for my sis which is very easy & i only grab all the ingredients inside the icebox. sorry eh. later i'll make a delicious penang laksa for u.

sausage pizza

baked potato-macaroni 


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