Monday, January 17, 2011

iphone atau android??

anda nak tahu anda ni sesuai guna iphone atau android?? haaa... macam mana ye??? jom buat kuiz. kuiz ape nye?? 

soure: google

Quiz: Verizon iPhone or Android -- which is right for you? (u can click this link to take the quiz at the origin site. i just copy paste the quiz here at my blog ^^)

menurut laman web verizon,

This magical and revolutionary 13-question quiz will assess your technological style and, using the most advanced scientific methods available, let you know whether the Verizon iPhone or a Verizon Android phone is the better fit for you. Carefully answer each question and keep track of your running score, and within a matter of minutes, all will be revealed.

jom tengok soalan-soalan yang perlu dijawab

The Verizon iPhone / Android Phone Quiz
  1. Customizing a smartphone...
    a) is something every user should be allowed to do [-10]
    b) is totally overrated [+10]
    c) That means changing the wallpaper, right? It was revolutionary when my last phone started letting me do that! [+20]
  2. A gadget should be... 
    a) Functional [-10]
    b) Beautiful [+10]
    c) Magical [+50]
    d) B and C [+100]
    e) B, C, and D [+100.5]
    f) B, C, and E, but not D [+100.6]
    g) What was the question again? [0]
  3. Apple products...
    a) are sometimes good, but often overrated [-10]
    b) are always the best, because they're Apple products [+10]
    c) Dude, they aren't products. They're privileges. [+150]
  4. Is your name John Gruber or MG Siegler?
    a) Yes [+500]
    b) No [0]
    c) Only when I play dress-up on Saturday nights [+75]
  5. Pornography is...
    a) bad, mmkay? [+5]
    b) something a committee of elders should keep away from me [+25]
    c) the reason computers were invented [-5]
  6. A smartphone's home screen...
    a) should be neatly aligned rows of static icons. Period. [+10]
    b) should be whatever you want it to be [-10]
    c) Home screen? What home screen? I want tiles and hubs! [0]
  7. When I buy a new electronic device...
    a) I like being able to pick from a wide variety of choices [-25]
    b) I like having only one option, because whoever made it knows what's best [+25]
    c) I told you: TILES AND HUBS. [0]
  8. An app store...
    a) should give me the choice to get whatever kind of program I want [-10]
    b) should be a pure and moral place, free from dangerous things likepolitical satire [+10]
    c) It's spelled Gap store, nimrod. [0]
  9. Widgets are...
    a) cool ways to put functioning programs at my fingertips [-30]
    b) unelegant and unnecessary [+10]
    c) Excuse me, but the preferred term is "little people." [0]
  10. Flash...
    a) has no place on any device of mine [+40]
    b) is part of the Web, and I'd like to be able to use it when I
    need to [-40]

    c) is a superhero you don't want to mess with -- capisce? [0]
  11. All those new Android devices announced at CES...
    a) are exciting; I can't wait to check 'em out [-50]
    b) are crap compared to my iPhone 3G [+70]
    c) Apple doesn't go to CES, so I don't pay any attention to it [+100]
  12. My age is...
    a) Zero to 13 years [+10]
    b) 14 to 79 years [-10]
    c) 80 and up [+10]
    d) Both A and C [seek counseling]
  13. When reading this quiz, I... a) Smirked, chuckled, chortled, or guffawed [0]
    b) Got angry -- how dare this spikey-haired stooge poke fun at a provider of magical experiences? [+10]
    c) No need to ask; I'm about to leave an enraged and derogatory comment [+50]
    d) I didn't read this quiz [0]
    e) tak tahu nak jawab apo???

The Scoring Guide
  • -200 and below: You're 100% Android. If you don't have a Google device yet, go buy one immediately. Also burn any black turtlenecks in your closet just to be safe.
  • -50 to -199: Android's probably more your style. You may not be a full-fledged fan just yet, but you're headed in that direction.
  •  -49 to +49: You're neutral. Go buy a Windows Phone 7. It's okay -- we won't tell anyone.
  • +49 to +300: Apple is for you. Keep up at this pace, and it won't be long before you start using flowery adjectives to describe electronics.
  • +301 to +551: You're 100% iPhone. Buy a Verizon iPhone. Heck, buy two of 'em. Consider getting a tattoo of Steve Jobs on your keister while you're at it.
  • +552 and higher: You're a supreme Apple worshipper. Next time you see Steve, be sure to tell him we said hello.

    guest what is my score?? 60.5  ---- ngeeeee, boleh la tunjuk jawapan ni untuk request barang hantaran kawen nanti.. ^^


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