Thursday, June 2, 2011

my mind is purple

  • Purple minded people are constantly on a quest for culture, and don't like to get their hands dirty. ~ totally wrong!
  • You are very civilized and sensitive. ~ sensitive! civilized?
  • You enjoy helping others, and you are not afraid of change. ~ half-half
  • You love history, but hate quickly changing weather. ~ yep!
  • You feel you are an important person, and you only allow yourself to get into situations where you'll be completely comfortable. ~ ofcourse!
  • You are proud of the person you are. ~ sometimes feel like bajet bagus! (-'_'-)
  • The color your life needs more of is pink, meaning you can afford to let loose once in a while! 
  • The next time you go see a movie, don't go for the kind you usually see, see something completely out of the ordinary for you.It'll be a nice break from your normal routine, and you may find that you like it. Broaden your horizons! ~ nak kena tengok horror movie kah? nahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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