Monday, July 4, 2011

my precious

since kerja tempat baru

i've no time to update blog
busy? maybe... being a new worker have to show some good manner
being under probation wehh...
have to careful
or else my probation period will longer
hope it'll only take about 3 months only
tired being under probation
do you know why?
because not enough leave i can take
since i've got one more semester, and final semester maybe tough though..
hopefuly i can spend my annual leave for my final semester
need to go to univ
seeing my supervisor
do some research at faculty library...

hope this thing will last soon..
i cant take it anymore..
tired already..
and some more...ahhhh... cant tell here..just keep it in my mind

note: ignore grammatical error, since im not good with english actually.. hahah


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