Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ini namanya coding tak siap sebab tak tahu nak letak apa condition dia..tak tahu nak mintak tolong sapa dah Y________Y

    $keypoint_id = array('Burglary' => 13, 'Public Liability Insurance' => 14, 'Fire Insurance' => 21);
    $query_insurance = $this->Assessment_model->get_company_insurance($company_id);
    $query_ins_type = $this->Assessment_model->get_insurance_type($company_id);
    $count_type = 0;
    $t = 0;
      foreach($query_ins_type as $key => $row_type)
      $ins_typo = $row_type->insurance_type;  
        if($ins_typo == 'Burglary'){


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