Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Express dinner with pasta

let me share with you all how I make an express dinner with pasta
in this case i use spaghetti

this recipe only serve for 1, 15 minutes of preparation

2 sausages
ready made pasta sauce, you can check the recipe here
water to boil spaghetti
olive oil
dry oregano

broke each spaghetti into 2
cut each sausages into 5
prick the spaghetti into the sausages like picture below, i use 4 pcs spaghetti then i broke into 2, make it 8 pcs of shorter spaghetti

bring the spaghetti to boil

when the spaghetti is ready,  put it into serve bowl / plate

put a table spoon of olive oil and a tea spoon of oregano

if you want to eat without pasta sauce, u can add a little salt to taste and ready to eat
but if you want serve it with sauce, just put a table spoon or two of pasta sauce and ready for serve

when i eat, i just prick the sausage with fork and aummm into my mouth...

p/s: you can add with parmesan cheese or any cheese
p/s II: saje nak test bahasa inggeris.. tunggang langgang... T___T


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